"You have made a wonderful decision for your beloved dog.

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....and that's why these books are a precious gift you have given to yourself, well done and god bless you!"

Dog Food SECRETS 4th Edition
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Dog Food SECRETS Gold Pack Downloads

dog-food-secrets-small.jpg dfs - dog food secret b picture by SecretDogConspiracy
Dog Food SECRETS™ 4th Edition
Changeover Guide
Canine Diet Changeover Guide

23-treats-small.jpg dfs - 23 treats b picture by SecretDogConspiracy
23 Doggy Treats™ 2nd Edition

Homemade Happiness
Homemade Happiness for the Hungry Hound

Confidential Dog Food Report
The Confidential Dog Food Report™ 2nd Edition
Homemade Supplements
Homemade Canine Supplements

Pack Your Puppy With Power
Pack Your Puppy With Power

Special Needs
Recipes for Dogs with Special Needs

Homemade All-Natural Remedies for the Unwell Wolf
Homemade All-Natural Remedies
for the Unwell Wolf

all-natural-shampoo-new-small.jpg dfs - Homemade Shampoo small new picture by SecretDogConspiracy
Homemade All-Natural Shampoos
& Soaps For the Dirty Dog


More Bonuses!

I thought you may be interested in some dog training advice so I bought the rights to this this interview with a professional dog trainer and added it here as a free surprise gift.

Definitely NOT a dog-training-course but it does have some good tips and advice.

Dog Training Uncovered MP3

Dog Training Uncovered Complete Transcript

"Why another free gift? Because I want to show you we take care of our customers.. we want to help you along the EDO path!"



I'm already dreaming up some other free bonuses for you, so stay tuned.


Recommended Resources

SitStayFetch - This is a dog training course by Daniel Stevens. Its one of the best we have seen, very comprehensive including step-by-step information and photos to help you understand how to train your dog.

Free Dog Trick Training Lesson - Dove Cresswell is a Hollywood dog trainer and on her website she has a free video lesson, its great. Watch and teach your dog to:

  • Shake-a-Paw
  • Wave
  • Rollover and
  • Speak


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